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Welcome to South Florida Bamboo!

Featured in the September Edition of Palm Beach Illustrated Magazine!

We are the Art, Craft and Useful Purpose Division of Palm Beach Bamboo, inc.

This site is where we will post all of our bamboo products from walking canes and staffs to flutes and jewelry, even Sake sets and sushi plates! Not to forget Bamboo charcoal, Mugs and More! The letter openers and bamboo swords  really show the detail grain of this beautiful bamboo.

Black Bamboo Sake set

Black Bamboo Sake set


Almost all of our products are made from bamboo grown at the Palm Beach Bamboo Nursery, the bamboo is cured and crafted by me. I put a lot of thought into each piece, letting the bamboo dictate what it wants to be.  Some pieces want to make sound, like a flute or a wind chime, and some want to be drinking vessels or walking sticks; the bamboo will let me know! Due to this philosophy of production, all pieces are one of a kind, hand-sanded and finished, and often show the art as well as the function of bamboo.

Bamboo Flute

Bamboo Flute

I have come to use Pure Natural Tung oil as a finish as well as Bee’s wax and just plain mineral oil. With these all natural non toxic enhancements I can find the right finish for the piece and be confident it will not harm a person or the environment in any way.

Beetle Hole Walking Stick

Beetle Hole Walking Stick

Learning to work with bamboo, draw out its strengths and learn its weaknesses has been a long journey. Bamboo is a remarkable plant with so many uses – from being one of the first light bulb filaments and  phonograph needles to giant scaffolds on high rise buildings, to primitive weapons and traps, to modern flooring, cutting boards and clothing! Is there anything bamboo can’t do?

Many of my pieces are made from a very rare black bamboo,  Dedrocalamus Asper Betung Hitam. There are not many of these bamboos in America and they produce a beautiful dark-colored cane that keeps it’s color and finishes to a beautiful luster. It is a strong thick-walled bamboo and provides me with a lovely dark skin and beautiful blonde grain inside.


Stay tuned for updates to this new website! We will post pictures and descriptions of the items as they are created.

Some of the items shown are available at our Etsy Store!

I hope you enjoy this site, please let me know if you are interested in a custom piece.


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  1. Some people have confused our site with a company calling itself South Florida Bamboo Farm.

    We are not that company.

    We are associated with Palm Beach Bamboo, that is our Nursery.

    We do not sell plants through South Florida Bamboo, that is for Bamboo Art and Bamboo Crafts.

    For plants visit

  2. I love what u have done here!!!

  3. The site looks nice! Love the photos, too!

  4. verry cool site my brother

  5. As a long term customer of plants and jewelry from this seller and affiliates, anyone browsing this site and contemplating a purchase should know that quality is always outstanding and the sellers are 100% reliable. I will look forward to “staying tuned” for even more updates!

  6. This artist produces only top quality items – each individual, based upon the bamboo itself. Everything is so lovely!
    There is something for everyone here.
    Thank you for making beautiful artwork that respects our environment and the materials you use.

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